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Feedback from the B-Plan Workshop at ITER, Bhubaneswar, Oct ’12

Illuminate! the pre-Eureka workshops on Business Plans at ITER, Bhubaneswar, 6th Oct ’12


82% of the participants said that the workshop met or exceeded ALL their objectives

90% would recommend the workshop to a friend

98% of the participants found the speaker “Engaging”

84% would rate this workshop as “Above Average” or “Exceptional” as compared to similar workshops


Some comments from attendees:

  • ..Right amount of advice, talks and theory. Shantanu Sir kept us engaged and made us think more..It enlightened me with lots of knowledge and confidence 
  • Feeling was excellent! 
  • Whatever has been given today is awesome. 
  • Just more than expected. Learnt a lot. 
  • Simply awesome… 
  • Sir, you were very interactive and I liked the workshop a lot. 
  • This seminar made us aware..that “Life is not a bed of roses” and there’s nothing to feel ashamed of our failures, instead we should take it as an opportunity to reach our goals 
  • It was a nice experience..lots to learn 
  • Had an amazing time and got to know a lot of things. Looking forward to attending more such workshops 
  • It was a well planned and highly energetic workshop..Expectations were accurately met. 
  • The workshop was an awesome experience and got much out of it about business, planning and entrepreneurship 
  • This seminar not only made us aware about entrepreneurship and business qualities but showed us a different way (to) lead our lives in different style 
  • Wishing all the best to Eureka and hope to attend more workshops like this 
  • Perfect seminar..overall gained a lot from it 
  • It has been my childhood dream to be an entrepreneur and today I have gone one step further towards my goal. Thank you! 
  • It was an eye opener. Yes, I wanted to take entrepreneurship as a career and now I am determined to do so, Thank you very much!! 
  • Great day!!!..really inspiring 
  • Enjoyed the session a lot and got a lot of ideas about entrepreneurship…You rock Sir!!! 🙂 
  • Overall its an amazing day 
  • Very lively workshop..It proved to be quite fruitful for we students who are at the verge of exploring success 
  • Perfect. Would love to attend again 
  • The workshops was very informative..taught me to how to channel my energies in the right direction. Thank you Shantanu Sir!!! 
  • One of the best workshops I have ever attended. Workshop really helped me. I would like to attend similar workshops in the future 
  • I came here as a layman about entrepreneurship but while packing up I surely am enlightened by what it is and how to do it 
  • The workshop teached a lot of things to me. Its very encouraging. 
  • The seminar was full of interaction…


P.S. This was one of the largest pre-Eureka B-Plan Workshops with over 250 attendees!

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