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Feedback from the Business Plan Workshops at Jabalpur and Chandigarh

Illuminate! the pre-Eureka workshops on Business Plans at Jabalpur and Chandigarh, Sept ’12


GEC, Jabalpur, 28th September

66% of the participants said that the workshop met or exceeded ALL their objectives

81% would recommend the workshop to a friend.. 


Some comments from attendees:

  • It was simply superb 
  • ..too good..I really want to learn more 
  • I really enjoyed the session. It was awesome! And waiting for the same in near future.. 
  • A great larning experience!! 
  • I got to learn more than what I had expected before coming over here. 
  • It was inpiring, informative and we liked it, enjoyed it extremely. 
  • We have gain so muchcknowledge that we can’t imagine 
  • awesome speaker..best workshop if any person has interest in this topic 
  • Thanks for providing a full overview and problems and difficulties the entrepreneur has to face 
  • ..workshop was awesome. We obtained here very precious ideas abt entrepreneurship…Fantastic day it was!!! 
  • The workshop was awesome and the speaker was outstanding. Max. of the topics related (to) entrepreneurship was covered 
  • The speaker was really interactive and motivating who kept the audience hooked. 
  • I found the workshop very interesting and informative 
  • I hope wih the tactics I can take part in Eureka!  
  • Nice job. Keep it up 
  • It was interactive, energetic and interesting. Thank you for giving us such a clear picure and idea of entrepreneurship.


PEC, Chandigarh, 30th September


76% of the participants said that the workshop met or exceeded ALL their objectives 

98% found the speaker engaging

80% would recommend the workshop to a friend

 76% would rate this workshop as “Above Average” or “Exceptional” as compared to similar workshops


Some comments from attendees:

  • ..very nice workshop
  • A day well spent
  • Great workshop..Informative
  • Great workshop. Learned a lot
  • I enjoyed the speaker very much
  • Good workshop; excellent content; excellent speaker
  • Very engaging and informative workshop 


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