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Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship

I’m looking forward to the Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship that I am conducting at Imperial College Business School in London on 1st May (next week!)

During the workshop, I will introduce the concept of “Social Entrepreneurship”, explore some of the challenges in this nascent field and examine some of the business models driving change in this sector and making it more “commercially” oriented.

I shall also be looking at a number of areas where social entrepreneurship has created a major impact and continues to improve the lives of millions (such areas include the world of micro-finance, alternative energy, water, poverty alleviation, sustainable dwellings, hygiene and sanitation )

Obviously no amount of “social entrepreneurship” will really make a difference unless it is accompanied by the right tools, strategies and passion. To equip participants with these resources and tools will be one of the major endeavours of this workshop.

Stay tuned for an update later next week…


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