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Feedback from the B-Plan Workshop at TAPMI, Manipal

Here is high-level feedback from the Workshop on Entrepreneurship & B-Plans at TAPMI, Manipal on 29th October ’13:

75% said that the workshop met or exceeded all their objectives

92% of the attendees found the speaker engaging.

77% would recommend the Workshop to a friend.

Of those who had attended a similar Workshop before, 76% rated it “Above Average” or “Exceptional”

Here is some qualitative feedback from the participants:

  • Amazing and enlightening..
  • Very motivating. A good learning experience
  • Content was good. Motivation was very well (sic)
  • Good overall. Some insightful learning
  • Very insightful session!
  • It was an experience. Not just learning but inspiring
  • Very thought-provoking and enlightening. The content was structured well


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