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  • Have you ever wondered what do VCs when they think about investing in a start-up?
  • Is the VC thought-process and decision-making a “black box” to you?
  • Do you wonder if your team and company are “investor ready”?
  • Would you like a “reality check” on your business idea or business plan?

If the answer to any of the above is a “Yes”, you are certain to benefit from a consulting session with our Director, Shantanu Bhagwat.

Reality Check” is a focused, one-on-one consulting session for entrepreneurs and start-ups that will help you gauge your “investor readiness” and understand the VC thought process & decision-making.

You will come out of the session with a set of concrete action points that will radically improve your chances of funding and make your business more appealing to investors.

If you are looking for funding, this one session can make all the difference between a term-sheet and a scramble for survival.

To find out more and to fix an appointment, please email us.

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