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Update: The “Illuminate!” series of Workshops (in collaboration with IIT-Bombay) concluded successfully last year (2012). This year, we are running “Elevate!” a similar series of workshops in collaboration with Entre Cell at IIM-Ahmedabad!. Details here. Don’t forget to register!


Introducing…Illuminate! – a series of one-day Workshops for Budding Entrepreneurs in collaboration with E-Cell IIT Bombay

Led by Mr. Shantanu Bhagwat, VC, Seed Investor and Entrepreneur


Udbhav Associates is proud to announce Illuminate! is a series of pre-Eureka! one-day Workshops on Entrepreneurship across India, in collaboration with E-Cell IIT-B. These workshops will precede E-Cell IIT Bombay’s flagship annual event, “Eureka!” – the annual B-Plan competition to encourage youth towards entrepreneurship

The series of zonal business plan workshops in various cities across India over a period of several weeks are aimed at  spreading awareness about entrepreneurship among students and young professionals and equip them with the skills, tools and advice to help realise their entrepreneurial ambitions.

The workshops will be focused on Business Plan writing skills and techniques. They will include the intricacies of going from an idea to a full-fledged successful enterprise.  These highly interactive sessions will include case-studies, analysis, samples, presentations and discussions and will be led by Mr Shantanu Bhagwat, noted Venture Investor and Entrepreneur.

Participants at these workshops will be encouraged to write and submit their business plans to Eureka!

Eureka! has been independently recognised as Asia’s largest Business Plan Competition by CNN and Thomson Reuters. Being a platform of this magnitude, participation in pre-Eureka workshops and Eureka! is also expected to provide considerable networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.

Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur?

Program Brief:  This one-day workshop is aimed at budding entrepreneurs, students and young professionals who wish to start their own venture or have a strong interest in entrepreneurship.

The workshop is aimed at developing skills required to be a successful entrepreneur. The discussions & exercises will enable you to identify critical success factors and equip you with tools, practical tips, advice & resources to start on your own.

Who Should Attend: Budding Entrepreneurs, Students, Young Professionals & anyone interested in starting on their own.

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Workshop Fees (without discount): Rs 750/- per participant, including course material.

Early-Birds Discount (up to five days prior to the workshop): Rs 600/- per participant

Group Bookings (in groups of five participants): Rs 500/- per participant

Additional details below..

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Synopsis: The day will be heavily interactive and will include cases, analysis, presentation and discussions.  

In this one-day workshop Mr. Shantanu Bhagwat will share his thoughts, tips and suggestions on entrepreneurship and starting on your own. He will challenge your existing ideas about entrepreneurship and help you realise whether you are cut out to be one.

He will also share his personal experiences in entrepreneurship – from 20 years ago, to the present and try and draw out certain themes that mark successful entrepreneurs.

The workshop will help you ask questions about your business (and innovative ideas) and test them against the harsh filters that VCs use (Mr. Bhagwat is currently a Principal Director with a US-based Fund and has spent more than a decade in venture capital. He is also a personal investor in several start-ups in India)

During the day, we will also look at examples of entrepreneurship from around the world and what makes some entrepreneurs successful several times over (serial entrepreneurs) even as others continue to struggle.

Workshop outline:

  • Insights into entrepreneurship, challenges in starting a business
  • Are you cut to be an entrepreneur?
  • Key requirements for starting up
  • Ways and means of starting as an entrepreneur
  • Idea to execution – key steps towards starting up
  • B-Plan training – How to make an effective B-plan?
  • How to pitch to a VC?
  • Most common mistakes made by Entrepreneurs
  • Case studies of start ups in India/abroad

By the end of the workshop, participants would:

  • be better prepared and equipped to start on their own;
  • be aware of pitfalls and key success factors;
  • become familiar with different sources of funding and
  • have gained a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship

During the day, you will get a chance to explore questions like: 

  • Starting on your own – When is the right time?
  • How to write an effective business plan?
  • How to pitch to a VC?
  • What are the most common mistakes made by Entrepreneurs?

AND – most importantly:  Are you cut out to be an Entrepreneur?


Workshop Dates, Venues & Registration Links



Please click on the links against the venues to Register

Workshop Fees (without discount): Rs 750/- per participant, including course material.

Early-Birds Discount (up to five days prior to the workshop): Rs 600/- per participant

Group Bookings (in groups of five participants): Rs 500/- per participant

To read feedback from previous workshops, please click this link.

Programme Director : Shantanu Bhagwat

For further details email Info@udbhavassociates.com or call 99815 00274 or 97520 42889 

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